How to Cook in Keto

For the appetizer we will make a keto salad with arugula, bacon and grape tomatoes. For the entree we will cook blackened chicken with corn. For the dessert we will make keto cookies. This 3-course meal is meant be simple and easy enough for anyone to make.

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The keto diet has certainly gained popularity in recent years. This may be partly due to mainstream media. But it is likely also because it really works and the results are amazing! In fact, not only has it been proven to work for extreme weight loss, but it is also starting to be proven to prevent diabetes. And even if you are currently diabetic there are a few stories coming out about people who switched when they are diabetic. Needless to say, their results have been life-changing. Every month people are making this switch and it is extremely tough to find any bad reviews about it. So how does it work? Well that’s an interesting question that involves some extra explanation. So, in order to walk around, think etc. your body needs energy. The typical energy your body relies on is the energy it gets from carbohydrates. Or if you have sugars in your system it could rely on that as well. Well we all know what happens when you consume sugar. It turns into bubbling fat. Either way it is not a good idea to have that sitting in your stomach or wherever it may go. As for the carbs, those have to be cut down as well, here is why. The goal is for your body to rely on the energy it gets from fat heavy foods as opposed to carbs. Because when your body relies on fats for energy, this puts you in the state of “ketosis”. This is obviously where the name of the diet comes from. By entering the state of ketosis, you will burn fat much faster because it is being used as energy. Be aware that once you first enter this state you might suffer from “Keto Flu”. Typically, you will know if you are suffering from the keto flu if “you are constantly feeling light-headed, feel fatigued easily, and feel extremely hungry. This is natural and what happens what you make such a drastic lifestyle change. Don’t worry this will only last a few days. This is also why it is necessary to first cut out sugars in your life if you still consume any of those foods daily. You can worry about going on the keto diet once you feel you have successfully done that. Once you have done the keto diet you won’t even miss the sugar, in fact it might seem like it doesn’t even exist!

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Keto Salad is a great simple beginning to your meal. All it requires is some arugula, bacon and grape tomatoes. Then you top it off you will also use parmesean and olive oil. This is great for when you want to keep the vegans away, butat the same time don't want to attract the carnivores.

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Blackened Chicken

Blackened Chicken gives you the kind of fat you look for in a Keto diet. While some might mistake it for being burned it's really not, it's just black. This recipe also allows for a little corn on the side as well. When these two foods come together they form a great combination.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

For those with a sweet tooth look no further than these keto-based chocolate chip cookies. That's right! With the proper ingredients you can make chocolate chip cookies in a much healthier way. Who says you have to give up taste for being healthy?

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What would your doctor say?

It is true, many people have tried this diet and have found massive success. While it may be tempting to start your own journey immediately I have to give a warning. Please cunsult your physician before going on the keto diet! This is because you want to have an expert tell you what is best for your particular situation.