I also like spending free time on videography/film projects. Unfortunately, my external hard drive recently stopped working like it was supposed to. As a result, I have lost some video projects that I have done in the past. So here are a few videos that I have taken that remain.

In my Video Production class, we were required to produce a PSA for a non-profitable organization. A good friend of mine, Jose, and I were chosen to produce a PSA for Adopt-a-Highway. I came up with the main script, while Jose narrated the video. This was actually one of my first ever "professional" looking videos.

Another friend of mine, Thayer, was the main brain behind a short film he produced called "Cancer Soup". I helped in the editing process of this video and I was also an actor. He filmed me when I was still a genuinly cringy and awkward person (which is exactly what he was looking for). Here is a linkto his YouTube channel. This is probably one of the most collaborative and fun videos that I was a part of.

I recently got a new drone, it's a DJI Spark. I don't have much footage yet because I just started using it. But I do have footage of the first time I used it. As a slightly acrophobic person, I was really scared to do this. But like most things you do for the first time, it become a little less scary after a while.