I am a man of many instruments! However I do have my favorites; so allow me to list them out.

  1. Electric Bass
  2. Guitar
  3. Trumpet

Allow me to explain my reasoning.

Even though I haven't been playing the bass for as long as these other instruments. There is something very matching in my personality when it comes to bass. When it comes to bands the guitar players, vocalists, and even vocalists can be full of nothing but show-offs. While I do believe it to be important that you are confident in yourself, I also believe that there is a line. That being said, I have never met a bass player who is just full of himself and treats everybody around him like garbage. While they might exist somewhere, they certainly don't exist where I am from. In addition, because it is an instrument not many people know of and play, I have been in so many bands it is not even funny. Here is a link that inspired me to be a good bass player.

I have been playing the guitar since my high school days. I have certainly improved and even taken classes for guitar. However, it causes my wrist too much pain to rank it first. In addition, my hands and fingers are a little too big for me to go for as a guitar player. This is also an instrument I learned to play from my dad, which sort of leads me to memory lane. If you know how to play this instrument and even more importantly sing along. Your girl problems will be reduced to a minimum. ;) But be warned this can also lead into other problems as well, so proceed with caution!

I have been playing the trumpet since I was in 6th grade. Even though I haven't played much recently, I have always enjoyed my time playing. I loved and made so many friends in high school band that I decided to continue playing in college. So I was in the Bobcat Marching Band from fall 2016 to fall 2017. I enjoyed my section so much that for a second, I thought I might try to be a music major. However, I realized I didn't stand much of a chance with how talented everybody is who auditions at Texas State. Because of all these factors I had to put this instrument behind bass and guitar. But I still enjoyed my time playing though!